A biography of stonewall jackson a confederate general in the united states

Working and teaching at Jackson's Mill[ edit ] Jackson's Mill As their mother's health continued to fail, Jackson and his sister Laura Ann were sent to live with their half-uncle, Cummins Jacksonwho owned a grist mill in Jackson's Mill near present-day Weston in Lewis County in central West Virginia.

When the war finally broke out, he became a drill master for many new recruits in the Confederate army.

Jackson earned his nickname at the First Battle of Bull Run also known as Manassas in July when he rushed his troops forward to close a gap in the line against a determined Union attack. His favorite horse was named "Little Sorrel. With Colonel James A. The Federal assault ground to a halt as the advance troops began to flounder over reddened fields thickly coated with human gore.

stonewall jackson and the american civil war

InStonewall Jackson's home in Lexington, Virginia—the only home he ever owned—was turned into a museum and historic site. Rather, they were expected to obey his orders without question. Military Academy at West Point.

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He soon rose to the rank of brigadier general. The Jacksons named her Julia Laura, after his mother and sister.

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Biography: Stonewall Jackson