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However, the tone is depressing as fall turns into winter with rains and cholera plaguing the army. In a broad sense, A Farewell to Arms is about the supreme difficulty of trying to live ethically in a situation—wartime—where the usual moral order has collapsed.

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Plaintively she implores, "will you be strong enough to be my man? Among both the enlisted and civilians, no person escaped the poisonous touch of the war. In the end, Rinaldi contracts syphilis, a terrible disease that stems from his sexual behavior. Difficult situations arise during war, because it interferes with many aspects of life and usually has a negative impact overall.

A farewell to arms essay by

From the beginning of the story, the author provides the idea about the rain as the symbol of death and decay. In a interesting twist, Henry is also the narrator and he does it from the future, his future that is.

It was the same in war zone as soldiers lost, but no gain, and a waste of human life like the meat.

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