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Need some fresh design inspiration? The elements of modern interior design and decorating styles are relatively restricted and have clearly delineated space.

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Contemporary design refers to what is popular in the "here and now. Bold, often primary colors are used as accents to help break up the neutrals and provide focal points.

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Stick to neutral shades. This included a movement away from organized religion and the idea of a single, omnipotent god. This could be anything from desk lamps to pendant lights that hang over a kitchen island. So what is contemporary design? In order to maintain a streamlined look and feel and to keep the space from feeling clinical, modern interior design styles tend to use a substantial mix of natural materials. As such, modern is not equal to contemporary, and the modern vs contemporary dichotomy is wrong. Creating harmony with the natural environment surrounding each room is an especially popular concept in contemporary design.

For example, blonde wood, an ombre rug, and a light grey color bring a decidedly contemporary vibe to this traditional-inspired sofa seating with its curves and tufting. Image: Arthur Rutenberg-Oakmont Custom Homes Let in light The final key to creating a contemporary design is layering plenty of lighting throughout the room, paying special attention to natural light.

Image: Mesh Design Projects Stick to neutrals Neutral shades are the cornerstone of contemporary design. Instead, consider modern as an integral part of the contemporary trends.

The inception of modern design happened at the peak of the modern art movement, informed by Scandinavian and German Bauhaus design.

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The basics of minimalism include a "less is more" approach to designing a space. The two of them are fairly similar and have a lot of overlapping attributes, but their development and methods are completely different.

Indeed, there are several similarities and overlapping elements between contemporary and modern style which could explains why these terms are often found to be a source of confusion for novices considering the world of interior design.

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Modern Design vs. Contemporary Design