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Relevant for students interested in health-related research in East Africa. Second course in sequence designed for public health students who intend to work internationally or have an interest in a cross-cultural understanding of health.

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In both these years, we have seen students make exceptional progress in a very short space of time, to the extent that each has been able to read newspaper articles, create complex compositions, perform interviews with native speakers and confidently make presentations in Swahili after only 20 weeks of study.

This textbook and accompanying audio was a huge help to me as I was starting to learn the language.

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First of all, this module is for Tanzanian Swahili. The experiences of the students has been recorded in a blog, which can be accessed here. Swahili can provide an excellent insight into the links between language, culture and history and a linguistic basis from which to explore other Bantu languages, which share similar grammatical and lexical features. Four hours weekly. Shang is hard to understand if like me! Each course will teach you over five hundred items of vocabulary and taking both will help you to understand the vast majority of Swahili grammar. Building on CAS LE , this course continues to develop a student's conversational Swahili skills in global health settings. This four-skill African language course in sixth-semester Kiswahili focuses on discussions and compositions dealing with East African themes and based on readings from traditional literature, political treatises from Kenya and Tanzania, and Kiswahili modern novels. Swahili Pronunciation is Easy There are only five basic vowel sounds in Kiswahili, and they are similar to the Spanish and Italian vowels.

About African Languages The African languages track offers a unique opportunity when it comes to seeking employment in multi-national corporations or research undertakings based on the African continent.

You can consult the Pronunciation Guide at the end of this article for help as well. Students also study advanced grammar.

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Indeed, the training we provide gives our graduates an important advantage as they pursue careers in an increasingly competitive global environment.

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