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The Universe was somewhere else, always somewhere else! It is possible that a man may refuse to love anything on earth; he will prove this refusal and he will carry it out by suicide.

They know themselves to be the supreme end to which all action should be subordinated, but the exigencies of action force them to treat one another as instruments or obstacles, as means.

In nature there are no males to gaze upon her, there are no mothers to criticise her. It is true.

One is not born a woman one becomes one meaning in hindi

She stood motionless, as if it were possible to play tricks with time, possible to stop it from following its course. We had brought to light certain facts that they were not aware of, we had organised them into the right order; but had we advanced even a step nearer to the mysterious heart of the universe? The Universe was somewhere else, always somewhere else! Regina to herself, p. No outside appeal, no objective necessity permits of its being called useful. The term in order that clearly indicates an intentionality. And at this very moment, while I'm sitting here thinking these things, a man in a dingy hotel room is thinking, "I will always be here. I'd envy no one. And it isn't anywhere: there are only men, men eternally divided. She shows us that there are situations in which young women can be comfortable in their bodies — indeed, not only comfortable, but joyous and proud. Intercourse is physically more traumatic for girls because it involves penetration and usually some corresponding pain. Today must also exist before being confirmed in its existence: its destination in such a way that everything about it already seemed justified and that there was no more of it to reject, then there would also be nothing to say about it, for no form would take shape in it; it is revealed only through rejection, desire, hate and love.

As part of belonging to a patriarchal society she must eventually undergo a further traumatic event — initiation into sexual intercourse. It is the assertion of our finiteness which doubtless gives the doctrine which we have just evoked its austerity and, in some eyes, its sadness. The dead did not come to life again, the vanquished fled in disorder; every thrust of my lance helped save Carmona.

If you live long enough, you'll see that every victory turns into a defeat.

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