Apple inc risk management analysis

It is through this process that Apple had been able to capture the attention of its consumers, and more importantly, ensure that the customers always think of its products whenever they developed a need for any of electronics or computers Frame, IPod and other products are often regarded as luxury brands.

One of the main methods to reduce this risk is to invest its research and development department to keep pace with the instant technology update and bringing out the innovative products continuously to attract customers, besides, Apple can cooperate with a professional law firm to protect its intellectual products from infringing, thus, competitors will be discouraged to emulate its product feature.

The risk is that Apple will not be in the running when the new wave comes rolling in. This company prides itself in the design, development and sale of computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers and online services. The second important risk that Apple Inc.

apple risk matrix

The action plan is consisting of two parts: control activities and monitoring. The training content will include updated technology changes and science related to the company. This model is available in its 16GB model with the current model boasting of a multi-touch interface, pedometer, and FM radio unlike the traditional models that only featured the iPod click wheel.

The risk management process: Business strategy and tactics. That has created huge opportunities for companies like ARM, Qualcomm Inc and Nvidia Corp, which have developed core technologies for processing, communications and graphics that are used by scores of vendors.

Rapid technological change To mitigate the risk that Apple may be no longer competitive in markets due to rapid technological change, three related control activities are listed as below: a.

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Investing In Apple: The Risks & Rewards