Awareness on cleanliness

It is a big step to bring cleanliness into habit of our kids. In buildings, cleanliness also preserves the integrity and enables longer durability. They urged the shop owners to keep dustbins in front of their shops.

importance of cleanliness in our surroundings

Regards, Sophia Like this post? Keeping ones thoughts clean is as important as physical cleanliness.

10 points on cleanliness in english

Questions For You Q1. A reaction to an excessive desire for a germ-free environment began to occur around , when David Strachan put forth the " hygiene hypothesis " in the British Medical Journal. Hygiene is basically the practice of maintaining good health and preventing diseases through cleanliness. Workplace: Since major part of the productive day is spent in the workplace, it is necessary to keep it very clean. In order to maintain cleanliness, there is need for water, detergents and other supplies like cleaning equipment. This is also related to the pollution of the River Ganges. We always keep our face and whole body neat and clean by frequent bathing. Essay on Cleanliness — Essay 3 Words Cleanliness is a way of living in and around with a neat and clean environment, materials, etc. People having dirty habits also become the reason of spreading dangerous and fatal life threatening diseases. Spreading of diseases Spreading of foul odour All of the above Sol. The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church prescribes several kinds of hand washing for example after leaving the latrine, lavatory or bathhouse, or before prayer, or after eating a meal. We all should understand the motto, importance and necessity of cleanliness and must try to apply it in our daily lives. You should brush your teeth at least twice.

In environmental cleanliness, buildings and the surrounding environment are cleaned and organized. They must understand that cleanliness is also very necessary to live a healthy and long life so they must implement cleanliness habit into their kids.

Awareness on cleanliness

It makes us feel very proud in the society. Cleanliness of the body, food and environment contribute to the wellbeing of an individual health wise.

cleanliness and hygiene

Sign Up Message from Sophia! Parents should teach their kids the importance of cleanliness within their home.

10 points on cleanliness

A dirty mind and surrounding is indeed a reason for a person becoming sick. Cleanliness of religion varies with the specific religion and its beliefs. The students of Sahaya Team of St Aloysius College carried out the campaign from Clock Tower Circle to State Bank by meeting street vendors and shops and distributed awareness handbills. Join more than 50, subscribers receiving regular updates! Conclusion We should all do our bit to maintain cleanliness in the areas we live or visit. Being clean and keeping green is a lifestyle we need to adapt for leading a healthy life. All type of cleanliness is very necessary for our good health whether it is personal cleanliness, surrounding cleanliness, environment cleanliness, pet animal cleanliness or work place cleanliness like school, college, office, etc. Cleanliness also enables the extension of a lifespan of an object. Public Places: Living in communities, it is important to keep public places like roads, beaches, parks etc. The environment that we interact with often needs to be clean so that accidents can be prevented. It has a pivotal role in your personal life. Dirty things in the surrounding areas or home gives rise to the various disease causing germs, bacteria, virus and fungus. Essay on Cleanliness — Essay 3 Words Cleanliness is a way of living in and around with a neat and clean environment, materials, etc. Everything surrounding the life of an individual is viable for cleanliness in order to maintain functionality and development.

How many times have you come across a scene where your pet is cleaning the surface before being seated on it?

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3 Steps To Organize A Cleanliness Drive