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Billinghay Children's CentreLincolnshire County Council A monthly programme of varied activities is available and is suitable for ages 0 - 5 years. With Ofsted currently being suspended from inspecting Children's Centres, now is the perfect time to undertake development work to enable your Centre to really shine when inspections resume.

People and skills A skilled and experienced workforce should be at the heart of any library service, combining expert information skills, with the ability to engage with communities to deliver outstanding services that support and enhance the prospects of all citizens.

Low-cost and accessible technologies are fuelling a new wave of creativity, problem solving and entrepreneurialism. You get most benefit for users and the service when service delivery is integrated wherever possible - shared support services, staffing arrangements and IT.

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Digital offer Developing a compelling virtual presence which integrates seamlessly with the physical library provision, is increasingly important as more people communicate, use services and engage digitally.

This means looking at a range of issues such as: any commonality of users, and any synergies that can be realised the impact on staff designing accommodation to retain flexibility and to cater for any special needs for example privacy for certain groups or uses and any child protection or noise issues opening hours shared systems or support contracts the time and resource it will take to manage the process properly managing the financial implications both initial establishment and subsequent cost allocation retaining the distinctive role and value of the library in considering this route Case study: Ashburton library - Co-location with a Post Office Ashburton library service worked with 13 communities to explore different ways of delivering its services.

Though the city does have a restaurant with a small scale facility and run some classes for children through their parks and recreation department along with a gymnastics facility open to the public, they are not part of a comprehensive program for kids and parents.

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Wherever possible, explore whether there are existing measures or tools that can be used to capture progress. Makerspaces have emerged as a response to that opportunity. But before looking further afield, libraries need to continually assess whether they can demonstrate clear value for money to potential delivery partners; and improve efficiency in their core activities. These services can prove too costly for an individual council to operate, but collaboration across borders could mean that additional reach and shared operating costs make sustaining it viable. Arts Council England , as the development agency for libraries in England, also publishes research into the impact of libraries, most recently on: the contribution of libraries to the wellbeing of older people and the contribution of libraries to place-shaping. To maintain and develop a thriving library service for the future, the council and the library service will need to be clear about what capacity and capability they need to deliver against their objectives. Libraries are important in increasing digital access by making internet and wifi access available, alongside peripherals such as printers, in their buildings and digital literacy through their role in providing digital skills training and support in using vital online services. In addition, we will also offer nominal vending, snacks and beverages for customers. For instance, if you are being commissioned to deliver a health intervention, your commissioner may have an accepted method for collating data and impact. You should get involved in the corporate planning process as early as possible. This does not include covering stocking or staffing the building, so the library service needs to consider how it will cover these aspects. Particularly where existing library provision sits near to council borders, we encourage neighbouring councils to talk to each other when considering any service changes. As well as harnessing their ideas for new ways to deliver services or new things the library could help to provide. Understanding the role that library services can play in delivering other council priorities and embedding their use into those strategies will help to secure core funding. By framing services around these objectives, library services can achieve greater traction with corporate decision-makers and budget holders.

Meeting corporate priorities With pressures on council budgets, every service has to be clear about how it is delivering against these council priorities. By involving internal and external viewpoints throughout the decision process, councils stand the best chance of reaching the best solution.

The facilities are designed to entertain, exercise and stimulate children while reinforcing good social skills in a group play environment. But you will want to use and focus upon those that are relevant to the priorities you have identified for your council and that will assist in designing a library service that meet local needs.

The evidence collected to inform your library strategy will help you build a persuasive case. It also suggests ways to improve and shares practical tools to use, alongside case studies of good practice.

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