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As to the internal consistency in the theory, the mental characteristics and features manifesting on a specific stage and their gradual change are thoroughly explained. Several convincing ideas can be presented by Piaget to support his theory.

Eriksons three stages of moral development

Enjoys repeating words, may count to Role Confusion, Intimacy vs. Begins to understand relationships such as size. Kohlberg believed that only a small percentage of adults reach this stage. When tested, it was amazing to see that the findings gained by Piaget and the findings gained by the section have great resemblance to each. Since he is the founder of Cognitivism, his work possesses novelty. Inferiority Children busily learn to be competent and productive in mastering new skills, or feel inferior an unable to do anything well. He asserted that most adult Americans operate at Level 2, Conventional Morality, blindly conforming to existing social norms and authority. Infants start by exploring their own bodies and senses. The rights of the individual must also be protected. Mistrust stage.

Postconventional Morality consists of standards beyond specific group or authority figure. Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson and Lawrence Kohlberg are some of theorists who ventured in the field of Psychology, specifically in human development.

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Acknowledges the external environment. Identity vs. Using case studies that were in descriptive methods, Piaget strengthened his works to cite reliable facts about the real world in children.

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This will encourage healthy self-esteem and the confidence to explore and learn.

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