Creating effective learning environments for learners

No matter where the space is, it is important that your students know where to go during transition periods. If so, what would it look like?

components of learning environment

Teacher-focused activities means desks will be in rows or small clusters facing the front of the classroom, while student-focused activities means desks will be put into groups or semicircles so students can easily collaborate with one another.

Two factors need to be considered when deciding where students home base where be; if the student has any behavior issues, and the size of your classroom. Resources how much time can I devote to each of the components of a learning environment?

what is effective learning in the classroom

In fact, it is in the sub-components content structure, practical activities, feedback, use of technology, assessment methods, and so on where the real decisions need to be made.

Dedicated Teacher Area Teachers need a place to call their own too. I will give examples below, but it is important for every individual teacher to think about what components may be necessary within their own context and then on how best to ensure these components are effectively present and used.

In fact, use the syllabus to begin building student engagement even before you meet with students by ensuring that it articulates learning outcomes, class format, and expected behavior. If the learners, what do I need to provide to enable them to do this?

types of learning environment
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A.2 What is a learning environment?