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Leaders must follow four components of cultural intelligence to be a Similar Essays Cultural Sensitivity In High School Essay words - 6 pages Issues in Instructional Design: Cultural Sensitivity In order to conduct a proper learner analysis the population for whom the instruction will be created must be identified.

Richardson, F. Transcultural health care: A culturally competent approach.

Cultural sensitivity in nursing essays

The paper then discusses the cultural biasness against the minority group as well as the power relationships involved resulting in the suppression of the African end of life practices. The differences among us create a mosaic-like society, rich in diversity and culture. Cultural safety and its importance for Australian midwifery practice. As the visitors became more disruptive and unmanageable, hospital security was called in to escort them out. Gina could ask the family whether or not they felt any of the interventions were successful, even if it was only mild success. Provision of culturally competent care Culturally competent care is supported by both communication and recognition of diversity within and between groups of culture Nursing Council of New Zealand, Connie knew she did something wrong because she admitted that the mother screamed at her when she cut the string. Global influence of American nursing: Some ethical issues.

Cultural competence does not just happen; nurses have to make it happen. The student was also frustrated at the lack of opportunities to communicate directly with Talib. She also knew that it would be disrespectful to allow a younger person to translate for an older person.

For these reasons, the aim of the paper is to facilitate an understanding of the process to achieve culturally competent care. The family did indicate the they brought the child to the clinic after she became listless.

If it was believed to be spiritual in nature, the family may have wanted to call in a Hispanic healer to perform a ceremony for the child.

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For example, was the child falling down, crying a lot before she became listless, et cetera. Duffy, M. Some people may be more comfortable filling out a questionnaire, others may want to meet in a relaxed, public environment and still others might want the professional atmosphere of an office setting.

Transcultural Competency Model The Camphina-Bacote competence model identifies cultural competence as a process that a healthcare worker goes through to enable themselves to work in a manner that falls within the cultural context of a client.

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Initially, the ward tried to accommodate the sudden influx of visitors. Consequently, the cultural practice was overruled in favour of preserving the ward environment.

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Cultural nursing Essay Example