Describe the characteristics of the following

Communities exist within populations, which exist within ecosystems.

Describe the characteristics of the following

California condors are an endangered species; this bird has a wing tag that helps biologists identify the individual. During the dry season the women, some of the men and the children remain in the hamlets with their sheep and goats while the male herders migrate around the region, with their own cattle as well as those they look after for others, in search of water and the best pastures. Show Answer Statement b is false: populations exist within communities. In light of all the information gathered above inventory 1 those factors which contribute to the cohesiveness of the community and Its ability to come to an agreement On resource management issues and 2 those factors which are likely to make collective action, whether to create or to enforce rules and procedures, more difficult. This information is often best obtained by the most informal means, that is observation and relatively unstructured discussion with individuals. Social factors There are numerous issues related to the social structure of the community that affect its cohesion and the kinds of interests different groups may wish to protect as they seek solutions to resource management problems. Previous collective action may include anything from building or managing a school to maintaining a trail network or irrigation system in the village or implementing a community vaccination program. This type of information can be gathered in a historical profile, which is a semi-structured interview that focuses on such key issues as settlement history, conflicts over resources and their resolution or non-resolution , and evidence of collective action. For more detailed information on the diverse perspectives of different groups, individual or family interviews can be scheduled with families from different socio-economic categories.

Gather information on the history of the community, orienting the questions around resource governance issues. In any community there will be some divisive factors. Instead they depend on forest products for fuel and medicine.

Inspect the graph to see if any vertical line drawn would intersect the curve more than once. Remember when you're trying to improve yourself, think about how you view others as well.

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In some cases it may be evident that the community or groups within the community is not well suited to undertake collective action at the present time. Economic factors The preceding section described several social factors that can affect whether members of a community are more willing or less willing to work together to solve their resource management concerns.

Conversely if they expect to leave or think that their children will do so their interests may be divergent from those of the rest of the community. When learning to read, we start with the alphabet. In such cases community organization for the purpose of governing resources can be difficult.

Graphs display many input-output pairs in a small space. Some of these functions are programmed to individual buttons on many calculators.

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