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Pay attention to the fact that the solution must be meeting your standards and company so the more flexible their offer the better.

LivePlan was developed a handful of years ago in response to the user-demand for a more simplified version.

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And most importantly, a business plan application can help you build confidence and organize your finances to give your business that extra boost. I am proud of [my LivePlan]! Read More February 14, It was so easy to use, took me step by step, and created great data for my presentation Read More February 9, For someone who has never written a business plan I was able to put all my data together in a rational, reasonable fashion to provide a professional plan Also, Live Plan allows more than one person to work on a business plan at a time but this feature is unavailable on Business Plan Pro. Therefore, it is advisable to first carry out your research and then incorporate your findings in your business plan using software. Cash is king, so make sure you manage it—and your business—wisely. Sherry C. The main problem seems to be purchasing it through Amazon - so if you end up choosing Business Plan Pro, we recommend buying it through their website. I love what you guys are doing. Visually track your cash flow Where exactly is your cash going? Compare Editions. No Risk!

Michelle from OH Read More February 16, As a professional, I have written many business plans over the last 25 years but none have been as easy or intuitive as the ones created with liveplan. In this Business Plan Pro vs. Sheree Boyer Read More March 31, Very intuitive, sample business plans prompt ideals if you're uncertain, customer service chat and email response times instantaneous Time saving-: Both softwares also make it easy for you to write your business plan easily without wasting time.

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But it can also save you valuable time as you work to get your business off the ground, making such a program well worth the price.

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Prove you know what you're doing by presenting a complete, professional plan. So, show them the business valuation information and investment analysis details they're after. Creating a plan like this would have taken me weeks on my own, but this software saved me an enormous amount of time This information is important to include if you want to avoid serious flaws, uncover tough competition, and seek adequate funding from investors. No need to download the software to your computer. On the hunt for the best business planning software for you? One of the best planning tools! Live Plan is good for people who only need to write one business plan or write few business plans from time to time but for a professional or a business plan writing consultant, Business Plan Pro is more suitable option. Visually track your cash flow Where exactly is your cash going? Has to be downloaded to your computer, and will only be accessible via the device you download it on. All the fieldwork involved proving more laborious than you expected?

Sound off in the comments below! Custom Templates Create a custom business plan outline, add your own financial tables and standardized text, and then save the result as a new business plan template.

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What features should you look for when comparing business plan software solutions?

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Business Plan Pro Vs Live Plan: Which is the Best