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This is not a ranking of online Business doctoral programs, Check that any funding you plan to apply for is available to distance learning students, as this is not always the case.

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Only students who have Please use our International Form if you live outside of the U. Degree Doctor of Philosophy online via distance learning in any major of study.

Separate considerations would apply to works intended for the direct benefit of Blue Marble University, such as the creation of a virtual world area for its website.

While students from the EU get full funding, it is unclear what funding there is for international students outside of the EU. This allows you to learn subject-specific methodologies while building the transferable skills that will enable you to become a leader in your chosen profession.

Phd in philosophy

For example, the department of Political Economics gives more vague and flexible instructions in their residency requirements because they wish the student personally to work it out with the department. I just received an email from a site user who wanted to know how many online Phd degrees there In general, you should have graduated from your first degree at least seven years ago to be eligible. Non-dissertation Phd degrees? The ability of the proposed work to be published, circulated, or disseminated is given a great deal of weight. The level of fees you pay varies between institutions - some charge the same as for a standard PhD while others offer a reduced rate. Doctor of Philosophy is earned after successful completion and defense of a theoretical research on any specialization. Doctoral Programs with No Dissertation B Academic Pre-requisites Because the focus for this program is on the proposed independent work itself, rather than on past academic achievements and records, there are no academic pre-requisites for acceptance to this program. Generally, a minimum of between five and eight published pieces are required, but this varies between institutions and depends on their length. Apply Now Request Information Posts about online dissertation only PhD written by bluemarbleuniversity. The dissertation only doctorate is available from some European For research projects, the Applicant has the burden of demonstrating the current state of the science in the field of endeavor and in what respects the proposed independent work will advance the field. International students will need to pay international fees for this doctorate.
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