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And teachers in Canada who decide for themselves to introduce cursive as soon as possible seem likewise to believe that there are advantages that justify this decision.

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If anything, I believe it will just set it free, by doing away with the limitations of drafting a piece of writing the old-fashioned way. Business writing is always done on a computer.

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Spending any classroom time on it is a waste because as a day-to-day skill, it is not at all practical in the modern, connected world. As an art form, there's definitely a benefit to cursive writing, and many artists take up lettering or calligraphy as their craft. But, in terms of creative writing, my mind thinks faster than I can write. This alluded to a study allegedly demonstrating that cursive may benefit children with developmental dysgraphia—motor-control difficulties in forming letters—and that it may aid in preventing the reversal and inversion of letters. Think about an eight-year old's future: What is his or her future boss going to be more impressed by, the ability to write cursive or to code? Some of you included citations, others tracked down my personal website to make sure you got my attention. At least at first. It seems unlikely, in this regard, that teaching cursive is unique in educational practice. Food for thought: what happens when the computer breaks down? Kids not taught cursive would have no trouble reading this. So what's driving our dedication to a largely useless technology? Stop making those embarrassing mistakes!

My thoughts flow as easily as the words appear on the screen. The Palmer Method was harshly criticized and resisted in its early days, but its speed meant it ultimately won out over better-looking scripts.

How, if not by consulting the evidence, are educational policy and teaching practices formed? Letters to Santa are increasingly sent by emailand Cambridge University is piloting the use of laptops instead of pen and paper for selected exams after requests from students.

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Yet a more recent study by the pair and their colleagues, comparing Canadian and French primary schoolers, showed that those who learned only cursive handwriting performed more poorly than those who learned manuscript, or both styles, in recognizing and identifying the sound and name of individual letters. Pun very much intended! But cursive is not another language. Unfortunately, my handwriting is horrible and barely legible. Brian G on August 15, pm When I put pen and ink to paper I am exposing not only my thoughts, but a very personal part of me. Or did you type it? Once those archives are translated and digitized the secrets we seek to discover from those archives are revealed and available to all. Read More part of the curriculum, might I suggest we prioritize trapping, fishing, farming, and log cabin construction over letters with loops. It has consistently failed to find any real advantage of cursive over other forms of handwriting. A lot of people care deeply about this, which is understandable. Deciphering the codes contained in those archives is but a breath away.

And what letters really look like, becuase a scribble will do. I keep a handwritten check register.

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It involves using the hand muscles in a different way. But the mixed style allowed for greater speed with barely any deficit in legibility. It's true that a number of studies have shown writing by hand lights up different parts of our brain than typing, builds better reading and memory skills, and can even make us more creative. In my opinion, writing by hand is a needlessly time-consuming practice which has results so variable that different people might as well be writing in different languages. Sarah on August 15, pm I find the same thing that Bill above says that Natalie Goldman found: that my more emotional writing is longhand. While cursive is quite rigidly enforced in France, teachers in Canada are more free to decide which style to teach, and when. She thinks that cursive should still be mandatory in school and I think that it needs to go the way of the Do-Do. Reinforces learning When students are taught the English language in only one form, print writing, they get only one chance to learn and memorize the letters. Teach Typing. When I actually have to, gasp, get a writing tool and use it on paper rather than typing into my computer or phone, I write in regular print instead of cursive. Lucie Carruthers on August 15, pm When I write my first draft in longhand, I do a better job getting the ideas down on the paper. This gives dyslexic students another option—an option that can decrease their dyslexic tendencies and make them more confident in their abilities. The reason this argument is satisfying to read is that you have a lovely sentence structure and it does connect in that bygone days of horses sort of way. Writing the characters upside-down or back-to-front also gives my brain a workout.

Forty years from now, when these grandparents have passed on, kids may want to look back on these letters, and they should be able to read them properly. However, I have always been pretty good at deciphering handwriting, and still love the challenge when I look through medical chart notes, orders, etc.

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Done well, it is beautiful. I am aghast when I see the printing of my nieces and nephews who attend public school.

Do schools teach cursive writing anymore synonym

Most of You Left Great Comments Plenty of educators showed to agree with some of my premise and critique the finer points — conversations I welcomed. Being able to read old letters from relatives is extremely valuable. Sarah on August 15, pm I find the same thing that Bill above says that Natalie Goldman found: that my more emotional writing is longhand. Anyone who has looked at documents from history can have a difficult enough time just reading the scrolling handwriting. I should also say that cursive is a perfectly respectable, and occasionally lovely, style of writing, and children should have the opportunity to learn it if they have the time and inclination. This can be detrimental to the full development of students. And it makes sense: the loopy letters are unnecessary in pretty much all modern communication. Lucie Carruthers on August 15, pm When I write my first draft in longhand, I do a better job getting the ideas down on the paper.

Honours exam at the University of London, I had to write five 2-hour papers, in longhand.

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Why Are We Still Teaching Cursive In Schools?