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Is self-publishing for me? The publishing rights clause must say "author holds rights. Related Articles.

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These connections become priceless as you meet other up-and-coming influencers like yourself. Do traditional publishers even want you? You get larger royalties with e-publishers and the turnaround time from book acceptance to book release is faster with an e-publisher than with a traditional publisher. Both methods allow access to large readerships and have the potential to be greatly fulfilling for authors. The Choice Is Yours Determining which publishing route is right for you boils down to personal preferences pertaining to all of these factors. That is the golden engine behind the entire self-publishing revolution. Readers around the world can simply find a copy online rather than having to order it and pay the often exorbitant shipping costs. In some cases, with a little back and forth and some elbow grease from their agent, they were able to iron out several issues but most of the time the end result has been a compromise at best. Yet it was rejected by 12 publishers in a row, and was only picked up because the eight-year-old daughter of an editor demanded to read the rest of the book. Self-publishing your work in e-book format eliminates the costs associated with printing and distributing physical copies and can also make it more globally accessible. How exciting! Amazon featured it as the 1 book about Brazil for a long time and as I look at their charts while writing this article, I see it remains in the top 20 for books about South America. If you choose to do it yourself, the learning curve is steep.

Oh, and get this: It was rejected by the first 26 publishers it was presented to. If you decide to go indie, let us help!

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Are you writing in a series? The camaraderie allows people to expand far beyond what they could have done on their own, or what they would have been limited to with a traditional publisher. Unless you are looking for complete creative freedom in the journey of your book from start to finish, I would suggest you try for a traditional publisher, as your first choice. Getting your print book ready for print publication is more of a what-you-see-is-what-you-get process. All the info you need is here. Contact Mark: www. If you sell via the Amazon Kindle store, you can choose, and then tweak, your categories and keywords. Which is better, traditional publishing versus self-publishing? Many of them are trustworthy companies authors can be recommended to use; others not so much. If you want to write the kind of books that could sit alongside work by Jonathan Franzen or Elizabeth Strout etc, then you can forget about self-publishing completely. The author benefits from the reputation of the publisher.

You cannot allow other people to determine your success. Or, is it simply something to cross off your bucket list? Both methods allow access to large readerships and have the potential to be greatly fulfilling for authors.

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These are questions to ask yourself while deciding whether to publish traditionally or to self-publish. If your manuscript is accepted by a publishing house, putting the book together and printing it require many months.

Other readers want to feel a physical book in their hands and to decorate the bookshelves of their home with beautiful objects.

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People working at traditional publishing houses are experts in their respective fields and are likely to make decisions regarding the title or cover on your behalf.

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