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Good fraternities recruit good persons. There are several types of organizational structures of a fraternity. How to Join a Fraternity? Google Scholar Jakobsen, L. Just there are fraternities that high academic performance of members is one of their objectives.

Greek affiliation and attitude change: Developmental implications.

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How college affects students: Findings and insights from 20 years of research. But in my case I never thought of joining when I was a freshman and a sophomore. Initiation and hazing.

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Because of the closeness of the members, romantic advances can easily happen. Then in the later years, there were merging of the brother-sister organizations. Educating the expert society. Google Scholar Maisel, J. Google Scholar Feldman, K. Four critical years revisited. When I started college in I was a loner, even introvert, and had never been involved in extra-curricular activities. However, long time ago, there were already fraternities who accepted female members who were highly qualified to the standards of the fraternity. Let me tell you why some students do not join a fraternity. Google Scholar Jakobsen, L. We tutored members on specific subjects there is difficulty, like mathematics and physics.

Chicago: Scientific Software. Journal of College Student Development, 37, — In contrast to the NSSL findings, results indicated that Greek students had higher levels of involvement and gains in general abilities than did non-Greek students.

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Wireless telephones can connect you to another person at any time, any place. As the number of students entering colleges and universities grow, the influence and pressure to join fraternities and sororities grow as well.

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Adelman Ed. In my fraternity, we had our review classes before final exams. Transcript of records of your college career is one significant determinant in your future employment. No good fraternity will recruit you as a quitter. These stereotypes are especially relevant in fraternities. This resulted to a mixed-sex organization. In a much wider scope and delimitation, there is what is called the international organization. Every person contributes to this aspect. The present research sought to assess the generalizability of the NSSL findings to first-year students attending a research university in the Midwest.
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