Hawthornes view of puritanism essay

The story climaxed with the death of characters that drew affection from the readers This shows that even the Puritan children have a disrespect for other religions.

hawthorne criticize puritan society

Their method appears hypocritical to historians, however, due to the fact that Puritanical documents indicate a rigidly religious lifestyle. One can see that this is true due to the fact that a jail and cemetery are readily available in the town where Hester lives.

theocracy in the scarlet letter

Hester is defying the town and the Puritan faith by removing the scarlet letter from her bosom. Because Pearl is the result of the sin Hester and Dimmesdale committed, the people of the town look down on her. Hawthorne Once again, Hawthorne uses the forest as a contrast to the strict Puritan society.

Examples of puritanism in the scarlet letter

Unlike most fiction writers of his time, he was not primarily interested in stirring the reader by sensational or sentimental effects. The Puritans believe that their town is a sacred village, and that the forest is a place of evil and sin; however, Hawthorne shows the forest as a place of pureness, freedom, and happiness. At the end of the novel, the minister Dimmesdale, who had committed adultery with Hester but hid his flaw from the Puritan town, reveals his secret after his sermon in front of the whole congregation because of historical compunction. He created this veracity gracefully, though, providing intriguing story lines and relatable characters. The girl who could be identified as the main trouble-maker is Abigail Williams. The sunshine in the forest is shown as a symbol of happiness and holiness, where the sunshine only shines upon the good. Consequently, they decided to build a model Puritan community in order to practice their faith in New England, so a large group started emigrating to Massachusetts in Nathaniel was not compelled to trigger a warm satisfaction in readers through his work, but rather give them a sense of reality, no matter how ugly the genuineness may be. Delbanco, Andrew. The only difference might be that we no longer kill out of primal instinct; we do it out of fear, or malice, or patriotism, or even pleasure

Nevertheless, even with sufficient inspiration, Hawthorne was unable to evade the derisive voice of his critics. Puritanism was a form of Protestantism, a strongly anti-Catholic version of Calvinism. He means that Dimmesdale is perhaps the most sinful in his church and knows this.

Puritanism in the scarlet letter

Thus, the minister repents his guilt and admits his fault. This story was written during the American Romanticism, many people related to this story. Puritanism was widespread throughout New England, and continued expanding outside into more western territories. The Scarlet Letter and Other Writings. Hawthorne lived in the deeply scarred New England area, separated from Puritanism by only one generation. Pearl is engulfed by the wilderness, and actually becomes part of the wild. His desire to examine the curious human nature compelled his beginning within this particular time period. At the end, the results of this analysis will be summarized. The Scarlet Letter is considered a classic book and is still read today. Experiencing a different town gave him a newfound appreciation for his home, and he continued setting his novels in [Puritanical] Massachusetts.

James asserts that Hawthorne refers to his Puritan ancestors within several of said works.

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The Puritan Guilt in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Society Essay