Learning questions a rose for emily

If yes, in what ways could this be significant?

a rose for emily ap multiple choice questions

To what extent would you consider this information reliable? What is your overall reaction to the story?

a rose for emily analysis

Why does the narrator scramble the chronology of events in the story? It was a disgrace to the town and a bad example to the young people.

a rose for emily summary

Do you find the characters likable? I believe that even though he had accepted to marry her, she would kill him because she was afraid of losing him.

Then examine the relationship between the daughter and the father. What does it tell us about Miss Emily? Continue Reading. At the beginning, Emily had a lot of boyfriends but his father thought nobody was good enough to marry with her.

One day, Emily is seen buying arsenic at the drugstore, and the town thinks that Homer is giving her the shaft, and that she plans to kill herself.

Homer leaves town, then the cousins leave town, and then Homer comes back.

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"A Rose for Emily:" Study Questions