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Pi uses this knowledge of animal heigharchy when he is on the boat to create an environment he can survive in with the other animals.

Life of pi symbolism

Pi starts off as a boy growing up in an emerging indian society. Therefore he decides he needs to prove exactly how dangerous some of the animals can be. Its significance is reflected in the geographic structure of the book—in Part 1, Pi is in Pondicherry, and there he is innocent. Stranded on a lifeboat with limited supplies and a diverse group of zoo animals, Pi must survive the life as a castaway at sea. Along with that there were pens and a survival manual. The most important of these is the death of the Frenchman, which Pi describes as killing a part of him which has never come back to life. It is, however, profoundly restricted by its survival needs and its instincts. His whole life is a journey. One day, he takes Pi and his brother to the big cats section of the zoo, to find a massive pound female Bengal tiger; the king of the jungle. However, they will also do shameful and barbaric things if pressed. We are also walked through Pi religious awakening, eventually practicing variety of religions: Hinduism, Catholicism, and finally Islam, and how his family reacts to it.

This is crucial for Pi to understand, since he may think that some animals are harmless, meanwhile due to their natural instincts, they can be vicious if they feel threatened. This is a direct relation to Pi's family.

It is easy to forget the circumstances surrounding the Patel family 's departure from Pondicherry, India. Even though it may seem that Pi just witnesses these acts of human cruelty and loss of morals, he in fact suffers from the loss of morals and is extremely cruel himself.

life of pi analysis

Craving his own survival, the man attempts to attack and kill Pi for food. Pi, the main character of the novel, is thrown into multiple imaginative challenges throughout his day journey, including being stranded in the Pacific Ocean with a Bengal tiger.

theme of survival in life of pi

His name is Pi Patel.

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