Mcdonald s supply chain management

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Coca-Cola Company. This has allowed their sales to benefit, since customers are usually familiar with of their products and know what they want. It is a model that is worthy of close study.

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However, this system does give them a lot of control over supplies. For one member of this trinity to prosper they all must prosper. In a fast food business, supply chain is of highest importance.

The importance of supply chain can be understood by the fact that before setting up their first restaurant in India, mc donalds infused around Rs. The company constantly tracks everything, sharing all data with partners and franchise owners, including daily point-of-sale data for each item, restaurant stock levels, and inventories, among other metrics.

It promotes and acts as the conduit between outsourced vendors, suppliers, corporate stores and franchise partners.

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The fact is they did not, what they did reinvent was getting suppliers interested in seeing a company succeed.

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