Mentor impact on student nurse experience

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S education Canadian relationships, leadership leaders university; skills 15 females and 2 males Wagner, A. Journal of Adult Learning, 26 4 ; [8].

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Characteristically, critical care nursing students lack the experience needed in order to apply the theoretical foundation received in their education, and hence seek the help of more experienced peers Sims-Giddens et al. Mentoring is widely promoted as an effective strategy for supporting student nurses and new practitioners in clinical settings. This will enable the unit mentor to delegate appropriately so that learning outcomes are achieved by the mentee. The benefit of peer mentoring According to the participants peer mentoring benefited them by complimenting their competence level, developing autonomy and work independence, allowing them personal and professional growth and increased self-esteem and confidence. The key thematic statements formulated after analysis included: educator competence development, student learning enhancement, and lastly, personal and social development. To ensure that no bias influences the results, tape recordings were utilised, and these were preserved for further auditing, thereby, the perceptions of the participants would be reflected accurately. Concept analysis was conducted by Hodgson and Scanlan in relation to nursing leadership. Journal of Adult Learning, 26 4 ; [8]. The hospitals and participants were coded so as to protect their identity. Kim et al. Therefore, a formalized mentorship programme should be incorporated into the core competencies of all qualified critical care nurses, and be reflected in their performance appraisal.

Could a more straightforward solution be envisaged, in which an experienced undergraduate student would mentor and support an inexperienced peer?

Literature Although the role of mentoring in nursing has been extensively researched, there is little research in South Africa, on peer mentoring of the critical care nursing student in the critical care environment and its relationship to their learning outcomes.

These stages include novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient and expert stage. This will enable the unit mentor to delegate appropriately so that learning outcomes are achieved by the mentee.

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By the time you are moved to the more complex unit at least you have been guided and mentored a bit. Hence, peer mentoring is intended to be supportive in this stressful environment. New nurses can attend mentorship training once they have been registered for one year.

Mentor impact on student nurse experience

Block, L. This enables the students to air and address their anxieties Pritchard and Gidman, which are usually brought about by fear of making mistakes and lack of support from nursing personnel. Peer mentoring Mentoring is a complex process that requires the development of bounded and purposeful relationships, which should be underpinned by knowledge, experience and opportunity for reflection Dennison, Table I Overview of the themes and the sub-themes Themes Benefit of peer mentoring to learning Peer mentoring compliments students competence level Autonomy and work independence. Journal of Professional Nursing, 25 3 , — This will enable the unit mentor to delegate appropriately so that learning outcomes are achieved by the mentee. Results were screened to select studies that reported benefits and challenges of mentoring to nurse and midwifery educators, student nurses and midwives, and successful mentoring programs. R74 SANC, Open Journal of Nursing, June , — Probing questions were then used to elicit more information from the participants depending on their responses. What are the pre-requisites for establishing an effective mentoring program? Table 4.

Open Journal of Nursing, 3; [5]. The nature of the study, the right to refuse to participate, the risks as well as the benefits of the study were fully described to all the prospective participants and were also specified in the information letters.

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Mentors and mentees need face-to-face meetings, discussion, effective communication channels and role preparation.

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