Mother ignacia del espiritu santo

Mother ignacia del espiritu santo

It was heroic faith to trust that as long as they did all they could , His Providence will supply their needs. An estampa depicting the death of Mo. Ignacia died without knowing the response of the Spanish king but her long life in the beaterio must have taught her to trust in the providence of God. Expected by her parents to marry at 21 years old, Ignacia sought religious counsel from Father Pablo Clain , a Jesuit priest from the Kingdom of Bohemia present-day Czech Republic. The beaterio admitted young girls as boarders who were taught Christian doctrine as well as works proper to them. The Story of the Congregation that has grown from the small Beaterio of Mother Ignacia continues to unfold. The growth of the beaterio into a Congregation and its response to the apostolic challenges of the times show the vitality of the spirit of M. From these she resolved to live by the sweat of her face, despite the fact that she still had parents who could support her. It was faith that allowed her to accept the coming of other women like her, seeking to serve the Lord in chastity, poverty and obedience, and not to panic at the thought of additional mouths to feed. For her to be beatified there are due process needed for her to become one of it. Her home became her school and her parents were her teachers.

The SMC motto signifies filial fear, love and profound reverence for the Divine Source of wisdom, grace and life. Murillo Velarde saw this as a great sign of her humility.

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The royal protection granted in guaranteed the safety of the beatas but it did not recognize the beaterio as a community of religious women. The beatas were also involved in retreat work and helped the Jesuit Fathers by preparing the retreatants to be disposed to the Spiritual Exercises. Many people continued to be inspired with the life and courage of Mother Ignacia that led to the Foundation of other Religious Congregations for Filipina women fby her contemporaries rom the Augustinian Recollect sisters of the Talangpaz Sisters and the Dominican Sisters of St. The lamp she lit to guide the path of native women aspiring to the religious life and the maturity of faith continues to shine. Ignacia, the beatas lived by the sweat of their faces and persevered in their service of God through education and retreat work. In , Father Lionell Labelle, P. The founding Superior at whose death and funeral the whole city turned out in grief to show its respect and love for her, and gratitude for opening its eyes to the values of the Kingdom of God, we love you. Petition May her prayers and intercession obtain for us the favors we ask for, particularly that of remaining ever faithful to Your love and service. Mother Ignacia, we love you. The growing number of beatas called for a more stable lifestyle and a set of rules. Ignatius, M. As they do not observe cloister, as they support themselves partly through the work of their hands and partly by charity of pious people All Rights Reserved.

Ignacia did not make any distinction of color or race but accepted yndias, mestizas and Spaniards as recogidas. The woman of hope who relied on the providence of God for daily salt and rice, we love you.

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A daily schedule was drawn up and community practices were defined. She had her share of work both in their house and in their business. Despite attempts by the Governor-general to change the nature of the beaterio, the beatas remained true to the vision and charism of M.

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Following the spirit of St. Ignatius, M. The priest gave her the Spiritual Exercises of St.

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Ignacia del Espiritu Santo was born, lived and died during the Spanish colonial era in the Philippines. She strove to be the living image of Mary to her companions and exhorted them to take Mary as their model in following Jesus. It remains undimmed. It was ordained to remain as a pious association. Paul Klein saw her soul the prepared ground for the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignacia exhorted her beatas to live always in the presence of God and to develop great purity of heart. Ignatius, After this period of solitude and prayer, Ignacia decided to "remain in the service of the Divine Majesty" and to "live by the sweat of her face. They supported themselves through manual labour and alms received. In hopes of changing this racially structured ecclesiastical limitation, Ignacia began to live alone in a vacant house at the back of the Colegio Jesuita de Manila, the headquarters of Jesuits in Manila. The Story of the Congregation that has grown from the small Beaterio of Mother Ignacia continues to unfold. Ignacia submitted the Constitutions to the Archdiocesan office for approval. Ignatius, performed many acts of devotion there and had the Jesuit fathers for their spiritual directors and confessors. After the War. They attend daily mass at the Jesuit church where they also frequent the sacraments
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Venerable Mother Ignacia Del Espiritu Santo