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Imagine a day without the Twitter, a social network known for its character announcements. Communication can be oral or written. Therefore, no one owns or runs the internet. The combination of both efficiency and creativeness of these networks make them a big source of attraction to individuals Providing security in ambient networks is a huge challenge. Palraj, Labo and Chen have stated that "communication is as fundamental to business as carbon is to physical life". These days, people are alert to news and events in foreign countries as much as their own Globalization, n. For many activists, non-violent action has become an effective way to achieve social or political goals.

Often energy saving and path duration and stability can be two contrasting efforts and trying to satisfy both of them can be very difficult because such a process can be easily abused or disrupted by adversarial nodes Letters Though the use of letters has drastically reduced, they are used in a number of firms.

Because people control what they share, social media gets dicier.

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With the advent of social networking sites and mobile phones, the mutual trust and harmony has decreased. E-mail messages that are vague and need to be clarified, written documents that require to be repeated because of errors encountered and speeches as well as presentations that are acquainted, for example, can affect the way work that is flowing in the company to the highest degree. What really impacts youths? Social media has gained this power for its ability to fulfil the basic need of people: the need to be heard, engaged, and involved in processes they had always wanted to participate in. One of the biggest issues with the modern-day relationships is that they are far too much dependant on impersonal forms of communications like social networking sites and mobile phone. Updating status, uploading pictures and the com ments by friends create confusions and jealousy. Communication can take place between two people in a conversation or with more multiple receivers like in university lectures. Individuals all over the world are linked together through different sources. These recent technologies over the past 20 years have affected the way we communicate, how businesses operate, and many other factors that we take for granted Simply texting someone should not mean that our message has been conveyed. The communication process is a very simple one. Most blogs include a comments section in which you can engage with those likeminded people that are interested in your blog post. One can hide behind the texts, emails, tweets, comments or status-updates. Furthermore, VoIP assists a business in improving, knowledge management, and conduct video conferencing. Blogging A blog is a conversational styled website that enables you to publish messages, news, knowledge or any other kind of information on the world wide web for everyone to see.

Operation Iraqi Freedom provides a classical example, where through use of net centric operation the Iraqi forces were swiftly defeated. Although there are security and speed benefits with wired networks, it is fairly evident that wireless networks have now become more popular to use.

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What people say and how they appear means more than what people are and how they behave in person. Reference List Balouris, M. The role of communication is dynamic and complex and can be explored in many extents regarding one firm The truth and sincerity of relationships can no more be ascertained through these virtual communication tools. Also, firms partner up to add core values that lack in the network and that are important for its competitiveness Paulraj, Labo and Chen, Social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp have grown to have billions of users. These recent technologies over the past 20 years have affected the way we communicate, how businesses operate, and many other factors that we take for granted

In cases where face-to-face communication cannot be achieved, modern techniques come in handy. In the present-day globalized world, where socialization through social networking has acquired the status of a necessity, the basis of relationships is more on appearances than truth and sincerity.

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The telephone was invented allegedly by Alexander Graham Bell who in The Importance of Telecommunications words - 2 pages substitutes within short times because, they need rapid power backup and fast regaining of services.

Moreover, relationships based on social networking are devoid of truth and depth of understanding essential for a sincere relationship.

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