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The upper class highest social class lived in mansions and luxury. The purpose of this paper is to discuss whether sweatshops are good or bad.

Of course, the discussion has to be with individuals who has a tie to the issue such a supervisor or another individual who can directly affect the wages and the benefits This in turns uncovers problems to modern working rights for women, such as non discriminatory positions and equal opportunity in education There are numerous negative issues associated with sweatshops.

The Industrial Revolution, wages, and class divisions were all part of the economic power. For instance, Kristof states that in some regions working in a sweatshop is considered a blessing for those people who do not have a job and have to dig garbage to find some plastic elements for recycling.

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Child Labor ultimately exists because these economies are so poor that it is a much cheaper way to get things done and bring money forth. All employees will be provided with the same opportunities.

Children had to do the more dangerous, difficult jobs like coal mining and fixing broken machinery.

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The Industrial Revolution was when this country took the right to mix people, laborers, and raw materials.

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