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The title, The Tempest is both literal and metaphorical. Sebastian reminds him that he would still be king and would therefore still have power — even if he did not exercise it. Continue Reading. I realized that some of them have supernatural powers.

The power of love, is arguably the strongest power in the play because, it creates peace between the characters that are against each other, due to the fact that they all were on a hunt for power. He is perhaps the most powerful character as he is exempt from the corruption. Being the good, and bad so that they can see that problems can arise in such a society.

Ironically, Gonzalo is one of the few characters in the play who is honest, loyal and kind throughout — in other words: a potential king.

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Gonzalo is the role model in the play to the other characters. Shakespeare also conveys the fact that a person with a title must be responsible of their power, and not abuse it. The Tempest is a play about many different concepts, but without the concept of power, all of the other concepts would be void. Alonso lost his son to The Tempest, Prospero lost all control of his feelings, and Caliban, who is a savage, lost all dignity by an attempted rape of Miranda and consequently lost his authority. Lust for power in The Tempest, is a common theme throughout the play, which prompts characters to do anything to obtain more power, including betraying family and torturing innocent people. That is why I chose to focus on certain essential events in The Tempest and not the whole play as such. However, in trying to escape one power relationship, Caliban quickly creates another when he persuades Stefano to murder Prospero by promising that he can marry Miranda and rule the island.

Shakespeare develops these steps in different places in The Tempest in different orders to show that it does not atter who you are or what you do, there is a cycle that is continuous because people will always want to be in power or want the person in power to be taken out of it. Shakespeare calls into question the right to rule by debating which qualities a good ruler should possess — and each of the characters with colonial ambitions embodies a particular aspect of the debate: Prospero: embodies the all-controlling, omnipresent ruler Gonzalo: embodies the utopian visionary Caliban: embodies the rightful native ruler Ultimately, Miranda and Ferdinand take control of the island, but what sort of rulers will they make?

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In this example, we find the food chain. Besides, the limitation of the extent of this paper makes it necessary to emphasise just the most important scenes in the play in order to discuss the topic and the working thesis properly. It is his possession of magical knowledge that gives him plenty of power. The most important idea of that model and the basis for the analysis of power mechanisms in The Tempest is the fact that there is a certain person who wields power without being seen and known by the people on whom the power is wielded on and who cannot see any other supervised people. The use will ultimately turn to abuse and so strip the characters of all authority they may have gained. Thus, it is generally stated that its main topics are colonisation and the exploration of the New World, which is certainly true. Shakespeare also conveys the fact that a person with a title must be responsible of their power, and not abuse it. Press enter to begin your search Power in the Tempest No Comments Throughout The Tempest the underlying theme of power entrances the characters into a damaging mindset.

In the early periods of their existence, humans were ruled by the brutality of untamed nature. Prospero is the leader of the enchanted island because of his magic powers.

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This is obvious, as Prospero is demanding his daughter understands he is powerful and that she realises his status. In the Tempest, he decides to determine which is more powerful — art or nature? The aim is to arrange a continuous surveillance in its effects and not the action itself since the inmates just think that they are being controlled all the time although they cannot see the observer in the centre tower at any time

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Abusing Power in the Tempest Essay Example