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Narrator, Part 3 With this quote, the narrator looks back on the events of the past with the wisdom that he has only acquired after the fact. Doodle, though, does not see things the way his older brother sees them.

He probably died because he was so scared because his brother left him.

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It is this disappointment that leads him to push Doodle as hard as he possibly can while teaching him to walk and do other activities, since his pride cannot handle the disparity between the brother he wanted and the brother he got. The "kindest thing I ever did for him" part of the quote also suggests that the narrator was not particularly kind to Doodle throughout his short life, and that he might regret not being kinder.

So they got him a coffin for him in case he died early.

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This moment is not about the narrator protecting himself; it is about protecting Doodle, who unfortunately would have benefited from this protection long ago. The whole family is happy and proud. The second time, he does leave, and that seals Doodle's fate. It's a little chilling when we know that six-year-old Brother wanted to kill Doodle when he though he wasn't intelligent. He's all there! He thinks he can't be proud of himself if Doodle is disabled. Right after the narrator says this, Doodle asks whether it even makes a difference. Don't leave me. He knew back then that he had to do something to make Doodle a brother to be proud of, but he did not know the disastrous effects that his pride would have until it was too late. Heath, the carpenter, build a little mahogany coffin for him. He lay very awkwardly, with his head thrown far back, making his vermilion neck appear unusually long and slim.

The narrator at last recognizes the harm that his pride has brought about, and, upon connecting him to the fallen scarlet ibis, finally treats him with the fragility and care that had been missing all along. The storm symbolizes Doodle and what happens next in the story.

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