Salient features of indian economy essays on music

For example, if you improve water supply, everyone benefits. Lothal, the most important city of the Indus Valley Civilization, is well known for having its earliest docks. Depreciated Economy: On the eve of Independence Indian economy was depreciated.

Low Levels of Living: India has been, and even today is one among the poorest countries of the world. On air modernization, the government is in the process of finalizing the commercial and technical terms for the final agreement for the purchase of MMRCA Raphael fighter aircraft from France.

Thus India lacks the ability to extend its influence or ideas on international events in the way superpowers do.

explain main features of indian economy at the time of independence

People were poor. Thus the pressure of population in our country is very heavy. India is witnessing a jobless growth even while it is very young country with regard to workforce.

Foreign capital can provide the required resources to solve the technological backwardness of the country.

Salient features of indian economy essays on music

Demographic characteristics: The demographic characteristics of India are not at all satisfactory rather these are associated with high density of population, a smaller proportion of the population in working age group of years and a comparatively larger proportion of population in the minor age group of years, As per census, the density of population in India was per sq km. Borrowed from British model of Parliamentary democracy, India has adopted best practices from every one. The year saw a negative growth rate of Stagnant Economy: During the British period, Indian economy remained almost stagnant. Low Levels of Living: India has been, and even today is one among the poorest countries of the world. The Right to Information Bill was passed in in an effort to improve governance and public administration and eliminate corruption. The children population count stood at But due to lack of real capital, its production capacity declined. Capital Deficiency: Deficiency of capital is another basic characteristic of Indian economy. Such an economy is called depreciated economy. While moving closure to the US, India never undermined its old and trusted friend Russia and recently it warmly welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin. The government plans to auction eight major power transmission projects with a cumulative investment of Rs 53, crore. More than 70 per cent of the total population is engaged in agricultural activities while the picture is absolutely different in advanced countries.

Moreover, it is predicted that in the long run, India being a democracy will provide it an edge over non-democratic[ citation needed ] competitors like China.

Modi assumed the mantle of power and right now, as things seem, we are seeing a rather unconventional mode of politics and governance. Good governance calls for drastic reduction in wasteful public expenditure.

Thanks to its history of both indigenous and foreign influences - like the ancient Indian religions BuddhismHinduismJainism and Sikhism and the ancient Middle East Asian schools of thought Abrahamic - IslamChristianityJudaism etc.

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India as an emerging superpower