Secrets to writing a page turner

Rosenfeld mainly focuses on developing tension also called suspense throughout the story, not just in the scenes.

How to make writing a novel fun

Get moving. That means the only tools we have are these mechanical ones: keeping sentences direct, brief, and active. So as you dive into the inner conflicts of a character's deepest psyche, to the mechanics of how you reveal information to the reader, you'll also discover how to craft a story your readers can't put down! The character may start the scene feeling trust and by the end, feel betrayed. Or, if it works for your story, have the action occur over a short period of time and use present tense to convey that sense of urgency. That is, have a ticking clock that will give a sense of urgency to your story. Every scene has to have something change. There are so many great examples within each of these sections. To avoid writing that's formulaic, predictable, and slow, How to Write a Page Turner will help you sew the threads of tension tight for an unforgettable story. But the death of his wife and children made them so much higher. So, here are my top ten tips to keep the pages flying: Use short sentences. In Act I, some event throws the character into disequilibrium.

The worst thing of all is when the enemies are shallow and uninteresting cardboard cutouts. Yes, our story was about aliens approaching Earth … but once we were past that, how could we make it as real and relatable as possible?

Instead, we kept the reader at home, surrounded by our everyday world, where he or she would be comfortable.

how to make your fiction writing more interesting

I think one secret to fast pacing is having a lot going on in every scene, and planting seeds that will bear fruit later. I love writing dialogue—I find it always speeds the plot up and ratchets up the tension.

what makes a novel interesting

The only great thing about chicken pox at age 52 and being a super-speed reader is you can easily read and review four books a day. I watched it. What is the most important question that remains unanswered till the end?

how to make your novel amazing

Secrets get revealed.

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Hallie Ephron on Writing a Page Turner: 20 Writing Tips