Shampoo questionnaire

Since symptoms of a hyperreactive scalp are primarily of a subjective nature, may vary, and can be triggered by a multitude of factors, 8 it is not easy to establish uniform clinical conditions for the test of such shampoos. Abbreviation: FUT, follicular unit transplantation. Is the conditioner the same brand that the shampoo is?

When stitches were removed, this value was significantly decreased to 1. I feel like this data would help Tresemme understand why people choose the brand they do, but most importantly the process.

conclusion of shampoo project

A sensitive scalp can react with irritation to harsh surfactants or other additives which are often present in shampoos. Since symptoms of scalp sensitivity are predominantly subjective, volunteers were asked to fill out questionnaires when stitches were removed to rate various efficacies and scalp compatibility statements.

Accordingly, skin hyperreactivity to water-soluble irritants could be induced by a larger quantity of irritants that penetrate the skin. Data showed an excellent skin compatibility and product efficacy of the test shampoo, especially for the specific requirements after hair transplant.

In all subjects, the extent of scabbing as well as the extent of erythema was significantly lower during the removal of stitches than immediately after surgery. Do you prefer Quantity or Quality?

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