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The slaves of the Roman Republic performed a variety of duties.

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The price for a male slave in Rome at the time of Augustus has been quoted at denarii. What daily life is like for those enchained and what can be done to end this demeaning practice may help in answering those questions. Slave dealing was overseen by the Roman fiscal officials called quaestors. This is the tone I get from ancient Rome as well In this play, Simo, a wealthy Athenian wants his son, Pamphilius, to marry one girl but Pamphilius has his sights set on another. In the Christian scriptures equal pay and fair treatment of slaves was enjoined upon slave masters, and slaves were advised to obey their earthly masters, even if their masters are unfair, and lawfully obtain freedom if possible. Also, Cicero was an exceptional owner, even taking Tiro's education into his own hands. The monuments, libraries, and temples can put many modern city today to shame. More victories followed but, let down by pirates who had promised him transportation to Sicily, the rebellion was finally crushed by Marcus Licinius Crassus at Lucania in 71 BCE. It may have been Spartacus' intention to disperse at this point but with his commanders preferring to continue to ravage Italy, he once more moved south. Amazingly, the slave army successively defeated two Roman armies in 73 BCE.

Slavery in philosophy and religion[ edit ] Classical Roman religion[ edit ] The religious holiday most famously celebrated by slaves at Rome was the Saturnaliaa December festival of role reversals during which time slaves enjoyed a rich banquet, gambling, free speech and other forms of license not normally available to them.

Our Videos Slave Rebellions There is some evidence that slaves were better treated in the Imperial period as fewer wars resulted in slaves being in less ready supply and, therefore, they increased in value and it was recognised that harsh treatment was counter-productive so that there were even laws which provided against excessively cruel owners.

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The freeing of the slave was a public ceremony, performed before some sort of public official, usually a judge. Slaves were nothing more than just property to the ancient peoples.

Already educated or experienced slaves were freed the most often. Main article: Nexum Nexum was a debt bondage contract in the early Roman Republic. In the highly hierarchical and patriarchal Roman society, both citizen women and male slaves were under the authority of a male guardian.

In the work Andriaslaves are at the centerpiece off the plot. A felt cap called the Pileus was given to the former slave as symbol of manumission.

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And what does it mean in our world today? Sometimes, however, these careful plans and strategies proved ineffective and slaves could turn against their owners. As the vast majority was captured as the result of Roman wars, wherever there were Roman victories, there would be new slaves. The responsibility and honour awarded to Roman matrons gives them a considerably higher status than male slaves in the realm of family life. Tombs and gravesites lend evidence to support the praise that some Romans felt towards their slaves. Servus publicus[ edit ] A servus publicus was a slave owned not by a private individual, but by the Roman people. Women could attend dinner parties, visit friends and attend the games. Freedom could be granted by the owner but in most cases was actually bought by the slaves themselves, allowing the owner to replenish his workforce. This scripture is so powerful, yet so simple Other sources for slavery included criminals, debtors, and those captured by pirates to be sold at the slave market. Overall, there was a much deeper distinction between slaves and free people than there was between men and women. A obvious similarity is they both occurred in Rome. Rebellions and runaways[ edit ] Moses Finley remarked, "fugitive slaves are almost an obsession in the sources".

In his Life of Cato the ElderPlutarch revealed contrasting views of slaves. Augustus restricted such manumissions to at most a hundred slaves, and fewer in a small household.

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Slavery in Roman Republic