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Sponsor This Essay I believe in taking chances. But it raises real questions about the meanings of service -- abstract and specific. The Department of Defense must use a military transport plane or charter flights because of the concerns raised about proper respect.

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Strobl encounters a range of reactions -- to him but also, differently, to his mission, if that becomes clear -- each instructional in its way. He was using a little tool, a kind of buffer, to make sure that every button shined. An analyst at Marine Corps Combat Development Command at Quantico, Strobl keeps track of numbers -- how many troops are deployed, how many lost, how many replacements. While Strobl begins his journey with Chance out of gilt, an effort to understand better what he is writing in files and calculating on ledgers, he comes to an appreciation of the more dire costs of war. Today, I miss him. Click below to view our latest and most popular posts! Christopher medal, his fingers are wiped clean, and his toe is tagged with a bar-code. I wondered about his family and what it would be like to meet them. A particularly moving scene is when a Northwest flight attendant hands Strobel a crucifix for him to keep that obviously is a possession that means a lot to her. Bacon does a tremendous job playing a U.

When he finds that the body is headed elsewhere, the foundation and meaning of the work changes for Strobl, though he never articulates exactly how, and the film doesn't press him into an obvious arc or heavy-handed emotional climax.

We all stood there directly in front of the mirror watching the light rock back and forth out of the reflection and onto the ceiling. The slow salute is very moving and well executed by any U.

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Cory decided this order to please both Ashley and me. Colonel Michael Strobl Kevin Bacon. Please contact This I Believe, Inc. When Strobel meets a Marine veteran from the Korean War who came to pay his respects to Chance, we see the camaraderie and special bond between fellow Marines no matter the age, rank, or theater of service. The letter was from some relative of whoever had lived in this house. Amazon I was wondering about Chance Phelps. I felt like I should pay my respects since I was mostly just enjoying a warm D. Well as soon as we turned around and walked through the door the noise started up again. We all should take the time, thinking whether a chance is worth the risk. At the time I considered myself to be an avid downhill skier, one that could take on the world. Completely freaked out at that point we decided we'd had enough scary stuff for one night.

So we won't go in. Whether he's dealing with an airport security worker who insists he remove his dress jacket and place Phelps' persona effects on the x-ray belt, or a young woman on the plane who texts a friend that she's sitting next to a "hot soldier," Strobl is gracious but also firm.

Drawn from Strobl's journal, the film is occasionally episodic, but that in itself makes a point: the only way to comprehend, or at least manage death under such circumstances is to go through the steps. This section is tucked away from the notable attractions and graves tourists visit at the cemetery. That was my mind set, until I stepped into the terrain park on that mountain. And that isn't to say the film is apolitical. It wasn't very big; it had two stories and a stone chimney on the side. This I believe. Strobl feels the privacy of the families needs to continue to be safeguarded. By the time the Marines led the U. Katz said he initially was uninterested in making a movie about Iraq. Today, I miss him.

Well as soon as we turned around and walked through the door the noise started up again. Aldredge cuts him short. Taking Chance is excellent at depicting the dignity, honor, and respect involved with the preparation and transport of an individual in the military who have been killed in action.

Taking chance essay

Just months before I had remembered reading a special report about the fresh graves from Iraq and Afghanistan in section As of Jan 1, the Holly Provision , a part of the Defense Authorization Act, changed the law when it comes to how the remains of soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines killed in the line of duty are transported to their final resting place. Additionally, scenarios that involve a substantial amount of risk get the adrenaline pumping, and this can be a reward in itself. There is little dialogue in this film, and part of the allure of the film is the pageantry the military provides for its fallen. Marine in their dress blues, and is very emotional in this film. We couldn't figure out where it was coming from so we left the room again. Well as soon as we turned around and walked through the door the noise started up again.

Surely, as the film indicates, this ritual displays the reverence for Phelps' and other troops' service, as well as the transition now facing survivors, as they must learn how to miss and honor their lost son, brother, or fellow.

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We all sat in the jeep staring at this enormous abandoned structure.

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