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Manet and the institutionalization of anomie. Capital is also a metaphor here — one borrowed from economics. In this way it is the opposite of the economic field — here economic failure is a kind of success.

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This is why Eliot dedicates his poem to Pound, 'the better craftsman'. The old school are reactionary, they want their books and artworks to be constantly fresh and on the cutting edge.

Part III. To have any hope of understanding Bourdieu you have to really understand four main ideas. The key idea is that to keep someone in their place — particularly when that place denies them access to things other people in society take pretty much for granted — requires some sort of violence.

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The first thing you learn is that all of the things the professional made look incredibly simple are actually insanely difficult. Bourdieu is a philosopher of difference, I think. The Field of Cultural Porduction will be of interest to students and scholars from a wide range of disciplines: sociology and social theory, literature, art, and cultural studies. In fact, he is saying almost the exact opposite. Years ago there was a book called, how to be ridiculously well read in one evening - there is no real way you can achieve that. A habitus is also relational, it is what you do in relation to what other people do in the sense that your habitus sets you apart from other people. But even with this educated taste the field is still one of competition — or as Bourdieu says, one of symbolic violence, in this case over who gets to decide real cultural value. The market of symbolic goods. He takes the social and cultural locations of various writers as a case in point.

Flaubert and the French literary Field. Or of signing people and turning them into living artworks.

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The Field of Cultural Production: Essays on Art and Literature