The issues to consider when implementing a corporate code of ethics

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It also has a list of top 20 questions organisations may want to consider when developing an implementing an organisational code of conduct. Different parts of the code can be highlighted in different parts of your office - for example, you can put up signs in kitchens about cleanliness and respect for others.

Who else might benefit from using ethical data, and how do you work together?

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Noticeboards A summary version of the full code of conduct can act as a reminder to staff. The Lehman code did a basic job of protecting the organization against illegal actions by employees, but it did little to advance an ethical culture that might have sustained them.

How would customers, shareholders, general public and co-workers view it?

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Taking action against wrongdoing and communicating the action taken to staff is an important element of this. What do you need to do so the values in your code are reflected in all relevant business policies and practices?

Are your statements for responsible business monitored and verified? If they don't fully understand some areas, provide appropriate training.

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Useful links. One of the unknown factors in developing and implementing a code of conduct depends on how individuals are likely to respond to it. The questions serve as a foundation for reflection. Training and reinforcement Most organisations now offer online anti-bribery training. Some provide a breakdown of the reports by country and as a percentage of the workforce. Implementing an effective corporate ethics policy By Tanya Barman and Samantha White Ethics When asked about their values, the vast majority of companies can provide a document they would describe as a code of ethics or conduct. Make a named individual responsible for code implementation.

In his research on the many dimensions of code development, Schwartz found that employees, managers, and ethics officers consider codes more effective when they are readable, relevant, and have a positive tone.

Does your organisation have an anti-bribery policy? Does ethical data gathered within your organization help inform business decisions and business success? Now she applies her legal skills to research and writing on higher education law to educate college students and employees about campus safety issues.

Enlightened companies now communicate internally about disciplinary actions taken when wrongdoing occurs.

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Effective Corporate Codes of Ethics: Perceptions of Code Users