The main cause in the split of the czech and slovak republic in 1993

It was a warning, even though the militant nationalist parties won scant support in that election.

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The Slovaks did not embrace the concept of Czechoslovakism, which was advocated by Czech leaders after The Czech kingdom eventually became part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. However, that thesis cannot be really verified.

czechoslovakia split

Some even talk of a Czech economic take-off over the next two or three years that will propel this nation to European levels. Wheaton, Bernard, and Zdenek Kavan.

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Economy[ edit ] The dissolution had some negative impact on the two economies, especially inas traditional links needed to accommodate the bureaucracy of international trade were severed, but the impact was considerably less than expected by many people.

Under communist rule, tension between the two communities was ignored.

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The split of Czechoslovakia: context, reasons, and lessons for the future