The need less complexity of academic writing

Think of your writing this way: One of the most important attributes of a good teacher is the ability to explain complexity in a way that is understandable and relatable to the topic being presented.

why is academic writing so boring

Its deepest ambiguity has to do with audience. English Education Department.

Bad academic writing

The challenge is to convince the reader of the validity of your opinion through a well-documented, coherent, and logically structured piece of writing. In this way a 16 page article becomes an 8 page article at the expense of losing anyone that isn't already familiar with the mapping or worse causing misunderstandings when jargon shares a word but doesn't match the accepted vernacular. The introduction should include a description of how the rest of the paper is organized and all sources are properly cited throughout the paper. Yet in academia, unwieldy writing has become something of a protected tradition. Institute for Writing Rhetoric. Having edited the manuscripts of academic researchers for many years, I agree. Academics know which audiences—and, sometimes, which audience members—matter. Focus on being concise, straightforward, and developing a narrative that does not have confusing language.

Writing detailed outlines can help you clearly organize your thoughts. Cynics chargehowever, that academics play an elitist game with their words: They want to exclude interlopers. Cheek, an anthropologist by training who left academia in the early s to work for the Federal Aviation Commission, is responsible for something few people realize exists: the Plain Writing Act.

Many academics think of themselves, correctly, as writers.

the need less complexity of academic writing

New York: Routledge, But if we get more people like Pinker taking a stand on this, the culture could change. You talk about making no assumptions. Proper punctuation and good proofreading skills can significantly improve academic writing [see sub-tab for proofreading you paper ].

If you are not confident about when to use semi-colons [and most of the time, they are not required for proper punctuation], rewrite using shorter sentences or revise the paragraph. Colorado Technical College; Hartley, James.

Formal academic writing

Focus on being concise, straightforward, and developing a narrative that does not have confusing language. This is also one of the main functions of academic writing--examining and explaining the significance of complex ideas as clearly as possible. Take advantage of the Writing Center on campus if you need help. Why is academic writing often hard to understand? Focus on creating clear and elegant prose that minimizes reliance on specialized terminology. The essay was about Thomas Kuhn, the historian of science. Note that a problem statement without the research questions does not qualify as academic writing because simply identifying the research problem does not establish for the reader how you will contribute to solving the problem, what aspects you believe are most critical, or suggest a method for gathering data to better understand the problem. These can be found by either searching in the USC Libraries catalog by entering the disciplinary and the word dictionary [e. Ordinary writing—the kind you read for fun—seeks to delight and, sometimes, to delight and instruct. You talk about making no assumptions. Some academics propel their pen onwards before perfecting the point.
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2 reasons academic writing is hard to understand