The reasons for occurrence of violence in sports and measures to be taken

Aggressive play in sports can result in injury but isn't considered violent because it is within the rules of the game. Causes and issues Some sports are violent by nature. Coaches' Code of Behaviour Teach your players that rules of the sport are mutual agreements which no one should evade or break.

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Many facilities have for some time addressed the problem of excessive alcohol consumption. Leonard, Wilbert Marcellus. While most occurrences of violence emanate from players, others, including coaches, parents, fans, and the media, also contribute to what has been described as an epidemic of violence in sports today Leonard, p.

Boxing is the obvious example, where physical attack is the point of the exercise. Spectators often derive a sense of social identity and self-esteem from a team.

Types of violence in sports

The Physician and Sportsmedicine, 16 4 Whilst sporting violence, on the part of both participants and spectators, is less frequent and less severe in Australia than in many overseas locations, it remains grounds for concern. Media Code of Behaviour Place in proper perspective the isolated incidents of unsporting behaviour rather than make such incidents the "highlight" of the event. Following the aforementioned rugby league incidents in Sydney in March , the New South Wales Minister for Sport called a top level conference to address the problem. The Chiefs were obliged to punt, and the Raiders tied the game on a George Blanda field goal with eight seconds to play. Emulation of favorite players is an element of this identification. Virtually all of the players on the Canadian team got suspended for 18 months, while the Soviet Union players were permanently banned from international competition, and the coaching staffs of both teams were fired. Moreover, the likelihood of violence is exacerbated when officials are perceived to be incompetent or biased. The game ended with police riot squads on top of both dugouts in an obvious attempt to keep fans away from the players. Strategies, 2 1 In the intervening hundred years or so there have been a number of relatively isolated incidences of violence in Australian sport. It is a moot point as to whether this is because of the sport's image or the actual product, and in all probability it is a mixture of both.

This is probably also the case in Europe and South America. However, the attitude that brawls and tackles off the ball are part of the game needs to be disputed, particularly at the junior level, through education in both the schools and the clubs.

Other broad social divisions based on religion, culture and race also influence the world of sport.

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In the younger age groups in some sports, no record is kept of the actual result. You need to ensure that consequences are more than a slap on the wrist in order to deter participants from engaging in violent behavior.

It posits that the aggressors are learning from observing and from conditioning rewarding good behavior and punishing bad behavior.

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Violence in Sport