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He was for her that day a tradition more potent than the church.

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When he entered a room that displeasure entered with him. Is it independent of changing beliefs and codes of behaviour? The Tribunal in Toulouse Bertrande and Pierre Guerre pursue their case to the tribunal in Toulouse and as she heads towards the council chambers of the Parliament at the Chateau Narbonnais Bertrande experiences considerable emotional turmoil. For example, on her wedding night she explores the Guerre household and enters a corridor that seems to be prohibited 7. There is the truth, and the coterminous health of her immortal Catholic soul. Otherwise the air was still and dead. There is no right answer. She cruelly suffers the rejection of Martin whose name she had tried to clear

When she confesses her worst fears to the priest, Bertrande realises that the priest values Arnaud more than Martin. While both acts differ — one being of an individual nature and the other socially motivated — both compel him to make his life-changing decision.

Are we crazy to even think about letting this slide? They cannot, and they ought not, move my pity.

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New evidence appears in the unlikeable form of a soldier from Rochefort, who hopes to cadge some room and board from his war buddy, Martin Guerre.

Things get personal. Martin returns, a changed man — changed for the better.

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The copper vessels winked and blazed. She does not dare to question his actions even if she thinks they are extremely harsh, such as the violent asault.

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She copes with the fading of her hope and learns to live with despair. Boiled down to its essentials, The Wife of Martin Guerre is story one hears about all too often in the world of smartphones and internet hacking: a tale of what may—or may not—be a case of identity theft. She and the new Martin have a child. Bertrande knows that she is unable to appeal this decision, and should her testimony be verified, then the imposter will be sentenced to death. At the outset, Bertrande is aware of her limitations. If he were an imposter she has unknowingly committed a sin and her sin weighs heavily upon her conscience. Martin reprimands her. The sisters also are angry that she wants to take him to court. Her almost still-born child symbolises the death of her relationship to the imposter. Her search for the truth is very difficult because no one, except Uncle Pierre, believes her. Throughout her entry into the court in Toulouse, her interactions with those who are hostile to her, ring loudly in her ears.

She had not known until the evening before that a marriage had been arranged. Bertrande is not convinced this Martin is the man he says he is.

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Martin returns, a changed man — changed for the better. When she confesses her worst fears to the priest, Bertrande realises that the priest values Arnaud more than Martin. The real facts emerge, but the fate of Bertrande and Martin remains open-ended. At the end of the novel, her husband, the real Martin, returns, and Bertrande has to make her moral decision: does she reveal that it is not the same man, thus subjecting herself to a lifetime of misery, or does she continue the lie? Nevertheless, the very virtues of their way of life gave rise to a small incident, and from that incident developed the whole train of misfortune which singled out Bertrande de Rols from the peace and obscurity of her tradition. It is based on a startling court case in 16th century France, that has been told and adapted many times since, including the film starring Jodie Foster and Richard Gere, Sommersby , which set it in the US Civil War. Bertrande is caught between the solidarity of the farm, family, and community—her felt responsibility for their well-being, a pragmatism represented not in the least in her year of happiness with the man returned—and an objective appeal to an authority above any actual person subject to it. As much as it is about the identity of the returned man, Martin Guerre is also about the value of truth and its categories. They are both married as children Bertrande is 11 years old and Bertrande had never spoken to Martin. Insofar as she seeks objectivity, she distances herself from the actual persons around her not by thinking of herself as a member of some other real or imaginary group, but rather by attaching herself to something which can be described without reference to any particular human beings. Martin proves to be prophetically similar to the father when his intransigent character is revealed at the trial.

However, from a psychological perspective, she feels disoriented but also aware, as the doors open, that this could be the beginning of the end for the imposter. We shall never be happy again.

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The Wife of Martin Guerre by Janet Lewis