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He resisted the temptation to write some easy rhyming words and get peoples money. He was a very influential character in the black power movement because his music was extremely popular and he was a very prominent figure in the musical world, especially for young people.

However, no matter the difference in people, music brings one another together; for better or for worse.

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His art. People have a good reason to believe that he is still alive. The school I come from growing up, we spent a lot of time studying rappers, everyone from N. Some people known him as Tupac Amaru Shakur. Protest songs are underlying with satire, sarcasm, symbolism and hyperboles. However, those people probably have never taken a chance to look beyond what their eyes tell them, past the ignorance and into the depths of the man who really was Tupac His music was for the strong willed Patrick, Tony, n. He made some songs and music videos with them that made it big on the Billboard charts. He is recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest-selling rap artist, with over 75 million albums sold worldwide, including over 50 millions in the United States alone He was reared by his mother Afeni Shakur who was an active member of the Black Panthers. Shakur stresses the imperfections of justice and liberty as well as the flaws with both After being conspired against by several members of his record label and the government, Tupac was found guilty and sentenced to ten years in jail. Tupac and Biggie were able to escape the streets therefore, many people claim that it was the industry that killed them. Millions of people bought and still buy his albums.

Both of these men were murdered in the past 6 years. It was almost like he was writing songs when he was doing interviews. These are the famous last words of the beloved Julius Caesar after he was stabbed by his closest friend, Marcus Junius Brutus, and his fellow conspirators.

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Shakur sympathetically expresses the obstacles he endures due to the undying support of his mother who displays sacrificial love.

But it is when an artist can take all of this and add even more to it to make it memorable and even sometimes controversial he or she is considered a great artist. He moved to Oakland, California with the rest of his family. He was more than just a rapper.

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Not only he was a rapper but he was an actor as well. I beg to differ; it depends on the person of whom they are trying to inspire that is why I believe Tupac Shakur is an inspirational icon to underprivileged individuals. When most people hear the name Tupac, they think of a tattooed thug, a gangsta rapper killed in a tragic shooting who only got what was coming to him, a man who lived by the gun, and who died by the gun. What made Tupac also known as 2pac so special was his enormous talent, his on-screen friendly looks, and the sense that he was 'real' and talked the talk, while walking the walk. Tupac was born Lesane Parish Crooks, but his mother changed his name by the time he was two. It aims to entice the audience perception of the information presented as fundamental and legitimate Beattie, Tupac's struggles began early. And no one can be judged by their skin. From the child in the suburb to the former vice president of the United States, everyone recognized Tupac's iconic status. Anticipation thrilled my mind and body as the sea air wafted through the window. The beginning of Tupac's musical career was in People say he is still alive and then people said he is dead. His career brought him back to New York City.

With revealing interviews and eventually identifying a few of the people responsible for Tupac and Biggie Smalls' murders, Broomfield strives to solve both the cases in this film He explains the abnormal circumstances in which his family undergoes such as poverty, single parenting, and even feelings of hopelessness.

Tupac is an inca Indian word meaning "shining serpent". Tupac Shakur accomplished more in his short lifetime than most people could in ten. Tupac examines the struggles of African Americans, and talks about how they have been discriminated for a very long time and how it has caused sorrow.

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Even though Tupac has many hit songs and albums, Keep Ya Head Up has been one of the best songs that Tupac has ever recorded. Shakur compiled an extraordinary resume consisting of various forms of entertainment before passing away at the age of Those who believe he is still alive and believe he has faked his death. He was a pioneer to gangster rap, and he sang about things that mattered. And that his music was not meant to be danced to, but just to be listened to. When a police officer kills a black person, the community would celebrate the officers as a hero for helping the society. Harnessing my recent hormone attack was still a challenge and images of tan girls plagued my mind
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