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They become lovers and due to her Tony dies, and the gang wars end. The story is full of characters that have a vague impression of the difference in reality and fantasy in life. Two youths struggle with their forbidden love as two gangs, the Jets and the Sharks, duel. At this point in time, the impoverished white immigrant culture, which Tony represents, is being hreatened by the influx of new immigrant populations, especially the Puerto Ricans, who are beginning new lives in America. In the movie West Side Story numerous sociological terms are depicted, such as labeling theory, social norms, formal and informal sanctions, and the results of what governs groups within society when all else fails. Despite a few differences, both works, in essence, have the same plot. Over the past years since this play was written the world has changed drastically, but the emotions and feelings in this play have withstood the test of time This is so much easier said than done. However, I believe its significance lies in the heart of the theatre where the audience is subjected to different styles of music, dance and of course an adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Imagine going up to your relatives headstone and thinking that you will see their names, and dates written on it. As stated in the intro, one act of impulsive thinking is suicide When West Side Story came.

In his close-reading, Anthony goes in depth on how Zeffirelli portrays the feud between the families along with the psychological structures of the characters, specifically Mercutio, and how it was influenced by the time period it was made in.

The production ran for performances before entering the world of film in Also, in the West Side Story, it uses many camera angles and distances.

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What if Paris killed Romeo, instead of vice versa. Beatrice, as Christ for Dante, encouraged him to get out the entanglement of the forest when he was dying. The gangs learned to be negative towards one another, because people of higher authority did the same, such as the cops. This essay will be exploring the music and how effective the score is in realising the world and characters of the musical These books are realistic, because gang rivalry is still going on today.

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It's integration of dance and song into the plot was very innovative, because even though it had been done before, it had never been done this well.

He dies in a fight with Riff, but Tony kills him. They are different, since they were written separately.

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Putting the temple into historical context, this was a somewhat flourishing time in Greek history, drama, and philosophy. West Side Story, based loosely on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, explores themes of immigration and cultural difference, and subsequent matter of resistance The artistic intensions of this film are implicitly stated everywhere throughout the film. I will tell compare and contrast the book and the movie. West Side story [Motion picture]. Gangs are one of the results of poverty, discrimination and urban deterioration. I enjoyed both the book and the movie they were very well written. They are opposed by a Puerto Rican gang, the Sharks, led by Bernardo. Also, in the West Side Story, it uses many camera angles and distances. Although some are touched by these love stories, others argue it tells a tale of young fools.

In fact, Leonard Bernstein first decided to call his play East Side Story but opted against it, due to social relevancy After the policeman, Officer Krupke, breaks up the fight, the Jets plan to have a rumble with the Sharks in order to regain dominance over the streets of New York

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