What motivates you to become a professional counselor

benefits of being a counselor

YOU get paid to do that. Counselors are usually people who are already fascinated by these concepts and ideas before they begin their studies.

why did you become a school counselor

Feb 29 We will feature these on this section of the website in the future. It seems to work out There are a wealth of people on this planet in dire need of support, being heard and being connected.

how to answer why do you want to be a school counselor

Edith Johnston, Ph. Some people have had good experiences in therapy and want to help others in the way that they were helped.

Your colleagues for the rest of your life will mostly be reflective, thoughtful, authentic, intellectually curious, psychologically aware, inter-personally sensitive, and often spiritually minded people—more so than in almost any other profession. They often work in private practice, but may also work in clinics, schools or nonprofit agencies. Who gets paid to do that?? I can teach. Or perhaps you are one of the many people wondering why therapists choose that path. Although I may never see this growth, I have the honor of providing the essential elements that nourish student development! What is Counseling? It is my personal and professional mission to challenge the stigma and the pain one person at a time. Sort of. They want to offer to others the same support and assistance that their counselor once offered to them. I am a therapist because we live in a world full of challenges and relationships that sometimes can be overwhelming and confusing. It seems to work out Others have had interactions with people who were in crisis and discovered that they enjoy the challenges and benefits helping individuals through difficult times. I became a therapist because I had my own therapist who never gave up on me. Some people simply feel that they were "called" to the field.
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