When writing an essay should i write out numbers

Rule 1: When a cardinal number and an ordinal number modify the same noun, the ordinal number always precedes the cardinal number: The first two operations were the most difficult to watch.

Style Guides Let's complicate things a bit, shall we? Examples: Twenty-three hundred sixty-one victims were hospitalized.

Do not add the word "dollars" to figures preceded by a dollar sign.

writing out numbers in words

Thankfully, when using numbers in writing, you can count on a few conventions that apply to most situations; just be sure to consult your specific style guide if one has been assigned. For example, if your document uses numbers frequently, it is more appropriate for all numbers to remain as numerals to ensure that usage is uniform throughout.

They correspond to the cardinal numbers but indicate position in relation to other numbers.

rules for writing numbers

Beginning of Sentence Numbers that begin a sentence should always be spelled out: "Sixty-seven movies were released last month. Small and Large Numbers A simple rule for using numbers in writing is that small numbers ranging from one to ten or one to nine, depending on the style guide should generally be spelled out.

writing out large numbers

Spell out all numbers beginning a sentence. The Chicago Manual of Style recommends spelling out the numbers zero through one hundred and using figures thereafter—except for whole numbers used in combination with hundred, thousand, hundred thousand, million, billion, and beyond e.

This chapter will confine itself to rules that all media seem to agree on. Correct: The library was built in the fifties.

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Rules for Writing Numbers in an Essay