Writing a montage for a screenplay format

how to write a flashback in a script

Writing a montage in a new location This isn't as complicated as it sounds. Responding to the whistle, the dragon pokes her full-sized head out of the cave. Simply list the shots that convey vital information and move the story forward. With scene headers that later the director may decide could be jammed together in a montage.

You must insert a hard return at the end of each line, and then type four spaces to indent the next line. So if you want to preserve your vision, focus on the formatting. It's a beautiful little move that is as deep as the river it fords.

I might try it this way: INT. These days, a simple dash is best. In French the word "montage" applied to cinema simply denotes editing. Would you just use slugs for each shot in that case? Cue the music! I was curious about how to format a montage where the shots alternate between two different characters and locations.

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Formatting a montage sequence