Writing a reflective essay using gibbs model

Evaluation The incident was extremely challenging for me.

examples of reflective writing in nursing using gibbs

Culture is diverse and continuously evolving, but their evolution rate varies from culture to culture Hatah et al. I later came to learn that not looking directly in the eyes when talking to another person is a sign of respect.

Gibbs reflective cycle example teaching

I felt very glad that no one had witnessed my actions but also very ashamed of myself for what I had done. By forcing James to eat I acted like a bully and could have subconsciously made him associate eating with negative feelings Jacobsson et al. James was even sent to the Maudsley hospital in England a world leader in psychiatry research to see if they could help him or if they had any ideas that could help him in his treatment but experts were mystified with him there also. I realise that I need to be supportive to colleagues, understanding the pressures that they may be under, but ensuring that their practice does not put clients at risk. I should have kept trying to convince him to eat in a positive and understanding way just like how I saw his nurse do before. After waiting for few hours, the doctor finally came to check me. I was not happy with the care provided in this healthcare facility. Hampshire: Palgrave Rainey, J. Nursing is a professional practice that is constantly evolving Fasoli, , and I as a nurse must act as a professional if I am to succeed in the profession.

The anxiety made me call for help from a close friend. Other restrictions observed include lack control over the lighting and noise made by the visitors. Nursing Management.

Care records are a legal working document in progress. Cited in Bulman, C. As a student nurse I must also learn to communicate to the patient with knowledge and awareness in order to strive for the best for them.

Culture is complex as it includes shared beliefs, values, traditions and in some cases language. Reflection means that we learn by thinking about our experiences and seeing them in a different way.

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Reflection using Gibbs Reflective Cycle Essay Example